Home remedies to your asthmatic conditions

Staying healthy is essential because you can live freely and perform your daily activities with ease. Illness can render you inactive which means you can’t live or perform your daily chores as required. There are different illnesses that you should be careful of out there. Nutritional diseases are common and can be controlled by observing proper eating habits. Negligence will bring long-term suffering. Respiratory illnesses can also endanger your life. These are diseases that affect your breathing system and can be caused by different factors. Air pollution and smoking are some of the prevalent causes of respiratory sickness. Examples of these illnesses are influenza and baritosis among others. Chronic ailments are others which can be life-threatening. They do persist for long or bring long-term effects to your body.

They are mostly caused by some poor living habits and drug abuse. Their examples include cancer, asthma, and002 diabetes. Asthma is one dangerous illness which can be contracted through inhaling air pollutants and several respiratory diseases. It can be further classified to severe asthma which does not respond to medication. Organizations like “the centre for severe asthma” are working with different researchers to come up with strategies on how they can manage severe asthma. Several cures for asthmatic conditions have been improvised with the inhaler being the common one used by people suffering from this condition. It is known to be effective because it helps calm this state down when you experience an asthma attack. There are several home cures and preventive measures you can implement to deal with asthma. They include.


Healthy eating

Healthy eating is a known way of preventing or curing asthma. There are foods which can help in this process. Foods that contain carotenoids have been linked with the ability to reduce asthma attacks. Some health experts have related asthma to lack of vitamin A in one’s body. Carotenoids contain vitamin A which helps reduce the dangers of this illness. Foods known to contain this component include tomatoes, leafy-green vegetables, and carrots.


Supplements intake

There are several supplements you can take to help cure or prevent asthma. Low vitamin D is known to be responsible for causing this disease which may also lead to poor functioning of the lung. One can acquire vitamin D naturally from the sun or by taking enhancement supplements. You are also advised to take supplements rich in zinc and magnesium because they help reduce asthma attacks.


Staying away from irritants

003There are some things you use that can worsen this disease. Aerosol sprays like pesticides and perfumes can cause difficulties in breathing. The kind of soap you also use matters because perfumed soaps may lead to reactions. There are external air pollutants which can affect you. One is therefore advised to keep their windows open and avoid the use of strong aerosols or perfumed soaps.