Lunch boxes for work

Whether you’re working or on an internship, lunch break is always essential for you. Make sure to take a break every now and then while getting some energy from your lunch, here we have listed why bringing lunch boxes to work might be a good idea.

It saves you money

asdasdasdEating out for lunch or take-outs would cost you a lot, and by bringing a lunch box to work, you could save yourself some money. Those hard earned doughs could go into a spa treatment or to shop for clothes. Groceries on the local market would cost less than the supermarket, and they are way fresher as well.

Tip: buying in bulks might benefit you as you won’t make trips to the supermarket very often, you can also buy a cookbook to have a lot of ideas on what to bring or cook.



You know what you eat

By packing your lunch you have an idea of what you eat, you can opt for a healthier choice of diet, which is good if you’re planning to lose a pound or two. If you don’t like vegetables very much, you can mix it in a sandwich or blend it into a smoothie so you can easily drink it, which is a lot easier than forcing lasdjlkasjdlkadjyourself to eat it.

Tip: there’s always a healthier choice of dressing if you decided to bring a salad.


Leftover is your best friend

Do not throw away those dinner leftovers; it could be your lunch box for tomorrow. Add something to your leftover, and you can basically have another meal. Have some cooked pasta? Add some beans, veggies and maybe some light dressing for a tasty vegetarian pasta on a lunch break. Leftover chicken is an excellent addition to your salad. Have some overripe fruits? Bake them into a pie or a cake to prevent them from rotting.

Prepare your lunch at night, not in the morning

If you have kids and also too busy in the morning, consider The New Luncher Instagram as an option for a quick, delicious and healthy lunch for your children. And if you have to pack for a lunch box, always prepare at night. In the morning you’re too busy getting up and preparing yourself for work, and also getting the kids up to go to school. This method will save you the hassle in the morning, and you’ll be glad that you prepared everything at night.