Ultimate guide when purchasing a paddleboard

Purchasing the right paddleboard is one of the most challenging decision you could ever make. It is a great asset to own since it will help you have fun on the water, keep you in shape, and help you make friends. Selecting the right paddleboard is typically a challenging for many people. Let us look at some of the considerations when buying a paddleboard.

Standup paddleboards

There are five types of the paddle boards from which you can choose from. They include;

  • Yoga boards
  • Racing boards
  • Surf specific boards
  • Touring or paddleboards
  • Inflatable stand up paddleboards

The touring standup paddleboard

The touring standup paddleboard is also called the all-around standup paddleboard. They are multipurpose boards which are longer, wider in size, have a pointed nose, and have a greater volume. Their volume and size make them stable because the center of gravity is low. If you love flat-water paddling, then this is an ideal paddling board for you. It is also the best board for the beginners and amateurs who are trying to find their bearing as far as standup paddling is concerned.

Inflatable standup paddleboards

The inflatable standup paddleboards were developed to help in solving the transportation and storage problem that was common with the touring standup paddleboard. Since many paddlers come from the humble background, they do not have sufficient storage space for their equipment. This type of paddleboard is light and therefore, easy to transport. The stiffness of the board has however been sacrificed for the wave riding challenge.

Racing boards

The racing boards are ideal for experts who take part in the paddling competition. If you want to get intense training or you are a competitor in this field, then the racing boards is an ideal option for you. The race boards are narrow, long, have a long fin, and pointy nose. They are designed in a way that the paddler can stay on the course as he paddles by cutting through the water as much as possible.

Sup yoga boards

The sup yoga boards are longer and broader as compared to the wave boards. They have places to put various tools and equipment and a soft top. The sup boards are one of the most popular types of the paddling board and are used by both the experienced and amateur paddlers. These boards are ideal for expert paddlers because they do not readily drift away while the individuals are paddling. Watch the video below on how to choose a paddleboard and the surfing instructions;